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Reposia Records focuses on investing, nurturing and managing the music career of talented artists. We believe in a collaborative and creative environment helping artists thrive by combining the efforts of a record label, artists management and talents, bringing a wider and quicker level success when working as a team. Synergy defines our Vision. When independent elements work as a team in a common vision, the results are wider, quicker and higher than the sum of all elements working independently!

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The search for this path led him to enrolled in the Music Business program from Full Sail University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music Business. He then decided to embark in a mastery journey through an Entertainment Business' Master Degree. The journey dug deep into the inner workings of the music and entertainment industry. Campani cemented a path for artist’s success and set a mission that led him to the current Reposia Records' new music business model. The creative approach to remote recording and mixing, artist management and marketing, and the insatiable will power to break through the Music Business 3.0 model, helped Reposia Records transform local artists into international sensations. Our team combines over 25 years of experience in artist management, record production, merchandising, marketing, and technology for the working artist. The results for this model surpassed the projections thanks to our personal relationship with artists and industry executives. We keep a personal relationship with each one of our artists and fit a personal career plan that works, bringing a successful music career closer to reality.

Reposia Records focuses in developing Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal artists worldwide. This non-traditional label is the brainchild of Mario Campani, founder and director. Campani worked in the music industry as a session musician and signed artist. After living through the industry's conversion to the information era, Campani began noticing the consequences of this conversion in his music career. He later developed a music incubator and accelerator concept that he believed would help him and other artists find success as Artistpreneurs. Although this concept was not far-fetched, Campani had to dig deeper to find the path to build artists' success.